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A leading supplier of high-performance sensing, monitoring, power and motion systems.

Meggitt Sensing Systems specialises in designing products to operate under harsh and demanding conditions. Our systems are used in a diverse range of markets and applications: from aircraft and space launchers to gas turbines and heart monitors. This needs "smart engineering for extreme environments".



Product groups


Meggitt Sensing Systems' organisation is based on product value streams - groups of products with similar technologies or applications providing customers with more integrated solutions and comprehensive through-life support. 

Engineering and manufacturing is located in Denmark, France, Switzerland, the UK, the USA and Vietnam. Our extensive sales and support network extends across North and South America, Asia and Europe.


Avionics, Inertial
Sensing and Ignition
  Power and 
  Sensing and 
PC-21-Cockpit-02-bw   crash test dummy-performance sensing-small-bw   aircraft-bw-small   engine-small-bw

Air data systems


Fluid sensors


Camera systems


Condition monitoring

Avionic displays


Optical sensors




Engine health monitoring

Engine management displays


Piezoceramic sensors


Electronic power


Helicopter HUMS



Pressure sensors


Energy storage


Industrial gas turbine

Inertial sensing


Ultrasonic sensors




Landing gear monitoring

Ignition systems


Vibration and shock               sensors


Motion and position


Speed sensors

Oxygen systems


Power conversion


Temperature sensors


Security systems


Engine vibration systems


Wireless systems


Cockpit photo courtesy Pilatus Aircraft

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Meggitt Sensing Systems capability presentation 


mss capabilitiesMeggitt Sensing Systems' capability presentation provides generic information on the organisation's capabilities, products and markets.


Primary markets


  Industrial   Speciality
Aircraft-market-small-bw        Energy market-small-bw        Industrial market-small       Speciality market-small



Hydro turbines




Consumer goods 



Oil and gas


Industrial plant



Military vehicles


Power generation


Process automation


Emergency services safety

Military ships


Wind turbines


Test and measurement


Unmanned air systems



Meggitt Sensing Systems' civil aerospace presence covers large commercial transports, regional aircraft, business jets, helicopters and general aviation. All military aircraft types, helicopters, land systems and naval platforms also benefit from our capabilities. 
The division's energy interests centre on sensing and monitoring capabilities, which help to reduce the maintenance costs, fuel consumption and carbon emissions in industrial gas and steam turbines.
We target other high-technology applications requiring high performance in extreme environments where space and access is limited.
Meggitt Sensing Systems brands

Meggitt Sensing Systems has operated through its antecedents since 1852.

Today, their capabilities and facilities have been integrated under one Meggitt division, providing complete systems from a single supply base.

For more information on each product range, please visit the individual websites or contact us to find a solution that fits your needs.

Avionics, Inertial Sensing & Ignition            Performance Sensing
Meggitt Avionics


FERROPERM Piezoceramics
Wilcoxon Research

Power & Motion   Sensing & Monitoring

TFE Artus


Contact details       

Here are the details for each Meggitt Sensing Systems facility 


Legal name


Phone number 

Artus SAS  Avrill√©, France  +33 (0)2 41 33 63 40
Artus Vietnam Co Ltd  Dong Nai, Vietnam  +84 61 3836 703
Meggitt (France) SAS  Angouleme, France  +33 (0)5 45 24 04 04
Meggitt (Maryland), Inc.  Maryland, USA  +1 301 330 8811
Meggitt (Orange County), Inc  California, USA  +1 408 739 3533
Meggitt (Sensorex) SAS  Archamps, France  +33 (0)4 50 95 43 55
Meggitt (UK) Limited  Basingstoke, UK  +44 (0)1256 843193
Meggitt (UK) Limited  Rugby, UK  +44 (0)1788 537199
Meggitt (UK) Limited/Meggitt Avionics  Fareham, UK  +44 (0)1489 483 300       
Meggitt A/S  Kvistgaard, Denmark  +45 49 12 71 00
Meggitt SA  Fribourg, Switzerland  +41 (0)26 407 11 11 
OECO, LLC  Oregon, USA   +1 503 659 5999
Piezotech, LLC  Indiana and Colorado, USA         +1 317 876 4670
Securaplane Technologies, Inc.  Arizona, USA   +1 520 297 0844
TFE and Fabrications Electronic Techniques SAS        Toulouse, France  +33 (0)5 34 66 65 65


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